Many pet owners are dissatisfied with dog booties as a whole due to issues with poorly sized dog booties and a lack of knowledge about relative sizes and types of dog bootie brands. As such, our team planned to create a web-based, IOS app that sizes dog paws and matches pet owners to best suited and fitting booties for their canines.


Purpose and requirements


To design a digital app that serves to size a dog accurately via iPhone or iPad touch screen and recommend brands based on user-inputted preferences. The design should take measurements of the dog’s paw width and length, include a sizing option for breed based paw shape, include popular and reliable brands in the search database, and filter dog bootie preferences based on user inputs (i.e. for snow, ice, indoor use, trail use, etc.).




Our team interviewed 30+ dog owners to understand the challenges users encountered with dog shoes.  We learned what kinds of dogs they had, whether or not they used dog booties before, what opinions they had about dog booties, and other similar information (Appendix A, Interview Guide). Field interviews were conducted to gather information on sizing mechanisms, the application of dog booties, and feedback on the functionality of the sizing app.




Our design consists of an iOS app for iPhone that serves as an electronic measuring device to measure the width and length of dog paws. The app also matches pet owners to best suited and fitted dog booties for their dogs, and serves to standardize dog sizing and access to dog booties.


Components Benefits
Touch-sensitive slider measurement tool Removes need for writing utensil, paper, and measuring tool to measure dog paws
Large dog bootie / brand database Gives app users access to large varieties of dog booties and brands
Sorting feature that filters out dog booties based on user inputted preferences Allows user to quickly select a dog bootie that meets their needs, such as: brand, size, price, or terrain preference (ice, snow, trail, indoor, etc.)


My Role

In addition to helping manage our project, I oversaw our UX effort, designing the app from start to finish as well as developing the dynamic wireframe of the measurement feature. Our app successfully reimagines how we shop for more than dog shoes – how we can achieve better sizing with all products when it comes to online shopping.

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