The Drop Rail

Arthrogryposis is a congenital joint disease that causes muscles contractions and therefore extremely limits joint movement. It is difficult for people with Arthrogryposis to safely move up and down stairs because the disease contracts their joints, which limits their mobility.
Many need some sort of support to help them maneuver stairs without losing their balance. Our client, Krista Liebfried, from the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, asked us to design a product that could help support an six year old boy maneuver a staircase in a safe and independent fashion.


Over a 10-week design and development period, we created The Drop Rail, an assistive handrail that attaches onto an existing handrail. With a limited budget from the Segal Design Institute, we had to create a design that would be strong, capable, and easy to use. Throughout this project, I not only managed our project, but used CAD to fully develop our design from a couple ideas on paper to the final Drop Rail. To see our full report, click the link below.


The Drop Rail Final Report



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