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I am a second-year student at Northwestern University studying Manufacturing and Design Engineering (MaDE). I am interested in the intersection of art and Industrial Design with engineering and technology and how they harmonize with one another. Apart from school in Evanston, I live in the Bay Area, feeding off the constant entrepreneurial energy.




Growth Marketing Intern

Brandless™, Inc. (San Francisco, CA) | June – September 2018

Over my summer at Brandless™, I was tasked with managing and growing Brandless’s Google Ads effort (Google Search, Google Shopping, and Youtube). After becoming Adwords certified, I quickly got to work, and over my time at Brandless™ have scaled our spend by 500%, cut our non-brand campaigns’ cost per acquisition (CPA) by 75%, and increase our non-brand campaigns’ average order value by over 50%.

In addition to my work with Google Ads, I help develop marketing creative for our Facebook campaigns, help host some of our weekly Facebook Live videos, and analyze data to help the Product team create the future of Brandless™


Entrepreneurial Design Thinking & Communication II (Evanston, Il) | April – June 2018

Applying and gaining admission to the “entrepreneurial” section of DTC, my group and I were tasked in developing a pair of dog shoes to protect Chicago dogs from the cold sidewalks and the abrasive chemical salt sprayed during the winters. Over our 10 weeks of deep user research, we found that good shoes actually do exist, but are hard to find because sizing varies from brand to brand, and dog owners can’t find good pairs that fit their dogs. Instead of designing and manufacturing shoes, we decided to pivot and develop an app, Pawdacity (see ‘Product/Engineering Design’), that offers a solution to pet owners. We measure your dog’s paws on screen, and tell you which brands of shoes you should buy, and more importantly, which sizes of each brand you should buy. Testing our application showed that we were able to accurately size and match dogs with the correct pair of shoes.


Design Thinking & Communication I (Evanston, Il) | January – April 2018

Over our 10 week design & development cycle, we were tasked by our client to create a custom handrail for patients with Arthogryposis at the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab in Chicago, IL. After extensive research and user observation, we came up with a design using CAD modeling that would efficiently use our budget and address our user’s needs. Our end product, The Drop Rail (see ‘Product/Engineering Design’), represents our 10 weeks of dedicated development and thoughtful design.

Business Development Manager

Northwestern University EPIC (Evanston, Il) | September 2017 – Present

EPIC aims to bring entrepreneurship to Northwestern. At EPIC, we put on networking events, organize panels, and host corporate info sessions on campus. I work on the Business Development team, managing corporate relations and designing our image for our potential clients. I recently redesigned our corporate sponsor package, bringing fresh design and a disruptive image to our organization.

Marketing/Design Intern

Sun Bioscience (Lausanne, Switzerland) | July 2016 – August 2016

Sun Bioscience is an early-stage Bioengineering startup in Lausanne, Switzerland. They are currently creating a microgel well platform to grow organoids. Organoids are 3-D cell masses that mimic the function of organs. Scientists can grow organoids from patient-derived stem cells and test the effects of different medicines on them. Organoids are the future of personalized medicine. Additionally, organoids can be transplanted to replace dead or damaged cells. Currently, with their patented Gri3d™ microcell technology, Sun Bioscience has successfully grown a multitude of healthy organoids — ranging from retinal organoids to intestinal organoids.

At their Lausanne headquarters, I worked at MassChallenge, an accelerator Sun Biosciences was working with, on their marketing materials and making their high-level biotechnology more accessible to the public.